Yo Soy Candle is a one-woman owned small business that was created with a full heart and big intentions! Our mission is to offer a clean burning, quality and eco-conscious candle with a unique element that encourages positive mindset and daily ritual through affirmation or I Am statements. Our shop includes one of a kind soy candles, wax melts, apparel, gift sets and a monthly subscription box. Founder, Leslie Abrams, makes all products, prints, labels and ships everything. So if you are looking for the real deal of small batches you've found it! Thank you for visiting the site and supporting our craft.

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March 17, 2018 10a-5p



Burn Tips for the best experiencE!

1.      Allow 3-4 hours for your first burn.

2.      Be sure to trim your wick to ¼ inch before each burn. You can also take a tissue and gently break off the top of the wick when it begins to bulk up. Just be sure to leave ¼ in.

3.      If your wick begins to curl to one side, use a nonflammable device to help straighten it out.

4.      Keep your candle away from drafts, walls and flammable surfaces.

5.      Do not leave your candle burning for more than 7 hours at a time.

6.      If there is access wax on the sides or bottom of your candle, scrap with a butter knife, compost, or melt in a wax warming pot for extra goodness!

7.      It is normal for there to be a ¼ in wax left at the bottom of your candle for heat resilience.

8.     When you are finished with your candle - place jar in freezer, pop out wax and compost, clean and recycle!