Springing forward

The start of Spring is an auspicious time to reflect on the introspections of the dark winter season and intentionally step into the light of the vibrant season ahead!

A beautiful way to begin this new cycle is to honor our past experiences (good and bad) by integrating what has served us and taking what has not served and storing it in what I like to call a “wisdom bank.” A wisdom bank is an internal guide of knowledge based off of experiences that we are no longer attached to.

What are you creating this season?

I always recommend a ritual for the turning over of seasons and moon cycles. I invite you to sit in a beautiful space in nature or if it is cold out, create a comfortable a space in your home. Gather a few items that are sacred to you and light three candles. Each representing past, present and future. If you own Yo Soy Candles, keep your “I Am” caps in view and silently repeat mantras if they resonate at that moment.

1.     Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.

2.     On one side write down what you would like to call in from the Universe or manifest.

3.     On the other side write down what you would like to release or let go of.

4.     Blow on your paper of desires and send some positive thoughts and energy into the Universe.

5.     Throw your paper into an outdoor fire or bury it somewhere.

I invite you to create a mantra or affirmation each day that will remind you of what you are trying to manifest in your life. Throughout your day, align your thoughts, words and actions to  your affirmation/mantra.

Best wishes and Happy Spring!