"For me, scent and aroma have the power to calm my mind, my heart - and make my space truly feel like home.  Yo Soy has quickly become my number one source for candles and wax melts.  I love that each candle is handmade with love - and is labeled with an affirmation.  I keep Yo Soy Candles around my home and light them when I need a little extra inspiration, love, peace - or reminder that I am enough".   - Sarah Kliener 

"Awesome scents that fill the air before they are even lit. Made with a wonderful soothing energy and loving dedication".- Jesslyn Smiley

Yo Soy Candles make the room delicious! Whether that's delicious and contemplative, delicious and open, delicious and following my bliss...you can count on delicious. But my favorite part is that they always uplift. They bring warmth, they invite, they tiramisu! (Tiramisu means "lift me up" in Italian...). - Annemarie Sgarlata

I’ve been burning Yo Soy Candles for several years now. My favorite is “I Am Peace” (Rosewater) for a little calm to my office. I also really like the Brown Sugar Fig fragrance. I have a sensitive nose and I often feel overpowered by fragrance, but I can burn these pleasantly for hours." -Sam Ownby

"More than a candle"...those are the words I hear from everyone with whom I've shared a Yo Soy Candle. They have become my gift of choice for all occasions. Maybe it's because they are hand poured with love & intention.  Maybe it's because it's so much fun to pick from so many yummy scents. Maybe it's the positive energy you feel when you light the wick & repeat the accompanying affirmation. Whatever it is...these candles just make you feel really good and they are  deliciously addictive. I have to agree with my friends & family...a Yo Soy candle is so much more than a candle!" -Lisa Hagy

"I bought a dozen of Yo Soy Candles as Christmas gifts for friends and they were a huge hit! Everyone loved the variety of delicious scents and the fact that they were soy based candles. I highly recommend these to anyone who appreciates products hand made with love."- Sinoun Chea